Schools – Short Story Competition for Young People

Monday 16th July, 10:30am - 11:30am

The Sill: National landscape Discovery Centre

Women on The Wall – Then and Now

How do we imagine a Roman? With a plume on his head, a shield and a sword? There were Roman women too during the Roman occupation of Britain as is shown by the letters (tablets) discovered at Vindolanda from Claudia Severa to Sulpicia Lepidina -who was the wife of the garrison’s commander in AD100. Women live and work along The Wall today and, even though communication is much faster and easier now, there are still lots of challenges to be met.

Caroline Lawrence, author of ‘The Roman Mysteries’ series for children – about a Roman girl called Flavia and her three friends: Nubia, Jonathan and Lupus – has set the titles for two exciting short story competitions.  Exciting because there are prizes to be won! £200 for each of the winning pupil’s school library plus book tokens for winners and runners up.

The titles are;

For Years 5 and 6 – The Lost Letter

For Years 7 and 8 – An Unexpected Messenger

Thinking about Women on The Wall – Then and Now, we want you to write a short story of up to 500 words either about someone from Roman times or about someone living near The Wall now. – it can be as serious, funny or scary as you like, with or without drawings!

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The Sill: National landscape Discovery Centre
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So, pens and pencils at the ready, let your imagination go!

Remember to put your name, class and school on it so we know how to find our winner. Hand your stories to your teacher by 13th June. Caroline will judge stories and give out awards at The Sill on Monday 16th July. Your school will receive full details.