Poetry Workshop with Gillian Allnutt

Saturday 3rd June, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Library, Queen’s Hall

Un/Common Sense:  Poetry Workshops with Gillian Allnutt

Making Sense of It

What does it mean when you read a poem and say ‘I can’t make head or tail of this but I really like it’? What can you do with that? What does it mean when you write such a poem yourself? And what can you make of it? In this workshop we’ll be writing and reading poems that seem to make no sense and yet in some way do.

Two workshops  which are related but different. Each is self-contained and you are welcome to come to either or both.(second workshop will take place on Saturday 10th June see seperate listing  for information)

£6 per workshop

To book call 01670 620250

Places are limited



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Library, Queen’s Hall
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