Changed Lives

Changed Lives is a creative writing project working with students from Cramlington Learning Village and James Calvert Spence College, Amble.

Working in collaboration with Woodhorn Museum, Northumberland Archives and theatre maker Sue Mitchell, students researched the impact that WW1 had on their own locality, particularly the children of the miners who were either drafted to the front line or were based at home producing increased quantities of coal for the war effort.

Using the research, students wrote original pieces of writing which were developed into stories, recorded by actors and produced as a podcast which is available here.

These stories were then edited to script form and performed at the annual Miners Picnic at Woodhorn.

Highlighted in this research was the devastating impact that working under increased pressure had on the community, with fewer safety checks leading to the fatal gas explosion in Woodhorn Colliery in 1916. This incident, through its magnitude and the fact that it changed many children’s lives, formed the focus point of the creative writing.